Albuquerque Clinicians

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Lead Clinical Supervisor For Albuquerque East Side & South Valley
Sheila Morrow, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Sheila is trained and licensed as a Clinical Counselor, with specialties in work with children and issues of trauma. She is one of the supervisors for school- and office-based therapists, as well as a supervisor for suicide and crisis assessments.

Lead Clinical Supervisor For Special Programs
Christina (Renée) Martinez, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Renee is trained and licensed in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, with a focus on family and adolescent therapy. She also has training in assessment of suicide/crisis situations, and youth with problem sexual behaviors. Renee serves as the agency’s Lead Supervisor for Special Programs, the MST-PSB Supervisor in Albuquerque and assists in supervision of suicide/crisis assessments.


PJ Bruch, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
PJ is trained and licensed in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, with a focus on adolescent populations. She also has training in crisis assessment and interventions. PJ serves as the Supervisor and Intake Coordinator for our main office location and the MST Supervisor for Bernalillo County MST Team 2. PJ also assists in supervision of suicide/crisis assessments.

April Casuse, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
April is a trained and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in family and adolescent therapy. She serves as the Site Supervisor.

Claire Kyllo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Trained and licensed in social work, Claire is the Director of the SWFGC Internship Program. She supervises both counseling and social work interns as the internship program director. Claire also supervises both independently licensed and non-independently licensed social work therapists in the Albuquerque area. Claire also is the site supervisor for over 10 APS schools for the school-based in-school counseling program.

Ashley Martin-Cuellar, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Ashley is trained and licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy. She serves as the Program Coordinator for our Thriving Kids Parenting Program, which includes Bernalillo Family Drug Court. Ashley also assists in supervision of suicide/crisis assessments.

Valerie Rodriguez, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Valerie is a trained and licensed mental health clinician with a focus on children, family and adolescent populations. Valerie has additional specialized training in crisis management and adolescents with problem sexual behaviors. She currently serves as the MST supervisor for Bernalillo County MST Team 1.

Susan Smith-Pierce, PhD, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Dr. Susan Smith-Pierce is a licensed professional clinical counselor with a specialization in counselor education and using therapeutic writing processes such as journaling with clients and in clinical supervision. Dr. Smith-Pierce directs the professional development program which includes working with interns and offering clinical training workshops.

Denette Varley, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Substance Abuse Associate
Denette is trained and licensed in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, with a focus on adolescent populations. She also has training in Functional Family Therapy and Substance Abuse Counseling. Denette serves as the IOP Clinical Supervisor and assists in supervision of suicide assessments.


Maria Elena Alvarez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Mary Jo Andrade, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Karley Armijo, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Celina Baca, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Nandi Baldwin, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Robert Breen, Licensed Independent Social Worker
Laurissa Bustillos, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Stephany Calderon
Samantha Carrillo, Licensed Master Social Worker
April Casuse, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
May Coleman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Thomas Cordova, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
John Dodd, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Judy Driscoll, Licensed Independent Social Worker, Licensed Substance Abuse Associate
Michelle Eaton, Licensed Master Social Worker
aitlin Erickson, Licensed Master Social Worker
Margot Feldvebel, Licensed Master Social Worker
Susan Fischer, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Emilee Flores, MST Therapist
Christina Forde, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Adrianna Gallegos, Licensed Master Social Worker
Deidre Gordon, LSAA-MST Therapist 
Martha Grant Friggens, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Joshua Grothaus, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Melissa Harman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Nathan Hoge, MST Therapist
Porter Holiday, Licensed Master Social Worker
Jamie Legan, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Catherine Leon, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Tracy Longwill, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Shawna Marcus, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Dalia Medina-BustillosLicensed Master Social Worker, MST Therapist
Joseph Mirabal, BA
Marisol Olivas, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Lori Ortiz, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Cardinal Rieger, Licensed Master Social Worker
Gregoria Rirou, Licensed Master Social Worker
Veronica Romero de Chavez, Licensed Independent Social Worker
Christine Ross, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Natalie Gail Sanchez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Kathryn Sandoval, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Ricardo Sandoval, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Heather Sands, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Kelly Shane, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Katherine Spikes, Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Robin Troncoso, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Amelia Trujillo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 
Karen Trujillo, MA
Karen (MJ) Waldrip-Madrid, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Josie Walton, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Carolina Verdezoto, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Amanda (Megan) Young, Licensed Mental Health Counselor