Santa Fe Clinicians

  • Above downtown Santa Fe.


Alexandra Velasquez, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Alex is a trained and licensed Clinical Counselor, serving as a supervisor clinician for our Santa Fe location. Alex specializes in integrative and experiential counseling, therapeutic services and interventions for juveniles, adults, families and couples. Alex also has training in suicide and crisis assessment interventions.

Edward McGovern, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Edward is a licensed mental health counselor serving as the MST Supervisor for MST Team 2, which services the Santa Fe area.

Kevin Moeller, Licensed Master Social Worker
Kevin is a trained and licensed Master Social Worker serving as the MST Supervisor for MST Team 1 which services both Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties.

Carlotta Saiz, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Carlotta is a trained and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor serving as a supervisor and the intake coordinator for the Santa Fe location.

Ann Sheridan, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Ann is licensed as a Clinical Counselor and specializes in child and family therapy, supervision for clinicians, and play therapy. She also has training in trauma first aide and critical incident response. Ann is the Clinical Supervisor for the Santa Fe office.

Lorri Ballard, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Mary Carafelli, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Therese Fontes, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Gregory Gutin, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Reshma Kamal, Ph.D, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 
Stephanie Leon, Multisystemic Therapist 
Craig McAdams, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Lyndsey McAdams, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Edward McGovernLicensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Kevin Moeller, Licensed Master Social Worker
Montserrat Oceguera, Multisystemic Therapist
Lynsey Rubin, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Derek Rugsaken, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Carlotta Saiz, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Theresa Seffrin, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Debbie Shelton
Scott Temple, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Kathryn Wall Ganz, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
KaSandra Verett, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Marliese Vogel, Licensed Independent Social Worker
Denise Yanez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor