To deliver the Roots of Empathy program in the school system, Instructors from the community are identified and certified through a Roots of Empathy training program. These Instructors plan and deliver all aspects of the Roots of Empathy lessons in the classroom and work closely with the participating volunteer family.

Roots of Empathy Instructors come from diverse professional backgrounds. Many have backgrounds in teaching, health, early childhood education, social work, guidance counseling, speech therapy and recreation. We also have principals, retired school board superintendents, and police officers delivering the program. Having classroom experience is a major asset, as is having knowledge of infant development.

A Roots of Empathy Instructor must:

  • Be professional in the classroom
  • Be respectful of classroom teachers and all people involved, and of their roles and ways of doing things
  • Respect the culture and routine in the classroom and school
  • Be sensitive to the privacy of the home and family culture
  • Be non-judgmental, empathetic, and comfortable with babies and children
  • Recognize the potential of Roots of Empathy to empower people

In order to obtain their certification as a Roots of Empathy Instructor, all Instructors receive four days of intensive training from certified trainers and complete a written test. All Instructors have Mentors who guide and coach them in best practice strategies. Ongoing mentoring provided by Roots of Empathy ensures Instructors are qualified, confident and supported.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Roots of Empathy Instructor please contact the Roots of Empathy Coordinator, Courtney Custer at (505 ) 301 3036 or