Personal Growth, Motivation, & Parenting

The Attunetion® Approach, created by Dr. Craig Pierce, is a simple yet powerful approach designed to positively impact individuals, families, and the world by calling on people to tune in to what matters most. Attunetion® is the crossroads where paying attention and tuning in meet. After many years in the fields of psychology, education, and business, Dr. Pierce has noticed an epidemic of distraction, multitasking, and lack of empathy that is leading to serious negative outcomes for children, families, and out culture.

It is not enough to just pay attention to the many pieces of information and tasks that demand and divide our attention each day. We must tune in to what really matters in order to prevent negative outcomes and ensure enriched, fulfilled lives for our children and ourselves.

The Attunetion® Approach involves just three steps that can transform your life. Attunetion® means paying attention to the right thing…at the right time…and in the right way. The Attunetion® Approach can be applied to any aspect of life, from parenting to business, health to education. As an expert in parenting and education, Dr. Pierce is presenting the Attunetion® Model to parents and educators in New Mexico and Colorado.