Clinical Supervision & Leadership Academy

It takes a lot of education, training, and experience to become a good therapist, but once a therapist is promoted to a supervisory role, it quickly becomes clear that a different skill set is required. Being a good therapist and being a good supervisor are fundamentally different. Without additional training, effectively overseeing other therapists can be difficult.

To bridge the gap from therapist to supervisor, Southwest Family Institute collaborated with former employees Leandrea Romero-Lucero, Ph.D., ACS and Christina Renée LaVail, LMFT, ACS to create the Clinical Supervision Academy. Once housed inside our institute, the academy has since grown into an independent organization. We are proud to have supported its development and Southwest Family employees may qualify for a full scholarship.

The Clinical Supervision Academy lays the foundation for a positive, professional, and ethical career in clinical supervision. The curriculum takes 12 months to complete and includes group and one-on-one training, consultation, and evaluations. Successful completion qualifies for 50+ continuing education credits and meets the requirements for an Approved Clinical Supervisor. ACS certification is currently required in 15 states. New Mexico does not currently require this certification.


Legal & Ethical Issues and Responsibilities in Clinical Supervision
Roles & Functions of Clinical Supervisors
Theoretical Frameworks & Models of Clinical Supervision
Utilization of Technology in Clinical Supervision
Methods & Techniques in Clinical Supervision
Supervisory Relationship Issues
Administrative Procedures & Responsibilities Related to Clinical Supervision
Managing Therapist Self-Care & Vicarious Trauma in Clinical Supervision
Culturally Responsive Clinical Supervision
Group Supervision
Evaluation, Remediation & Gatekeeping in Clinical Supervision 

If you are an employee of Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute and are interested in a Clinical Supervision Academy scholarship, contact your Regional Supervisor for more information.

For private enrollment, please contact:

Leandrea Romero, PhD, LPCC, ACS  |  (505) 573 2595  |

C. Renée LaVail, LMFT, ACS  |  (505) 917-4479  |