Las Cruces Clinicians

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755 S. Telshor Boulevard, Suite 201B
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Phone: (575) 524-6820

Hours Of Operation:
Monday—Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Individual therapists may be available to meet outside of normal office hours.

Programs & Services Offered:
Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS)
Fostering Family
Individual & Family Therapy (Office Based)
Multisystemic Therapy (MST)
Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB)
Seven Challenges
Thriving Kids Parenting Program
School Based Therapy

Matthew Cashion
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Matthew is one of the original founders and developers of Southwest Family Guidance Center in Las Cruces, which was opened in 2007.  Matthew has an extensive background in individual and family therapy, with a focus on pre-adolescent and adolescent youth.  Matthew has developed a number of programs at SWFGC over the years to meet the mental health needs of the community, which has aided in Southwest Family Guidance Center becoming a formidable presence in Doña Ana County.  In addition to a number of other duties, Matthew currently supervises both MST and MST-PSB teams.

Matthew Cashion, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Stacey Scanlon
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Stacey is trained and licensed in social work with a focus on children, family, and adolescent populations. Stacey is the Lead Supervisor for outpatient services in Doña Ana County, as well as the supervisor/program coordinator for our Thriving Kids Parenting Program, Seeking Safety and Seven Challenges Substance abuse programs in Las Cruces.  Additionally, Stacey serves as the supervisor and Program Coordinator for the Internship Program in Las Cruces, supervising both counseling and social work interns.

Stacey Scanlon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Angelina Frias
Licensed Master Social Worker

Angelina is a Licensed Master Social Worker who was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. Angelina has enjoyed working with individuals, children, adolescent, adults, and families who experience anxiety, depression, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, behavioral and parenting issues. Angelina is also trained in the Thriving Kids Parenting Program, Seven Challenges Substance Use Program, and the Seeking Safety Program. Angelina uses a variety of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy in addition to others depending on the needs of the individual.

Angelina Frias, Licensed Master Social Worker
Megan Garcia
Licensed Master Social Worker

Megan is a Multi-Systemic Therapy Therapist serving Dona Ana county. Her primary focus is working with at risk adolescents and their families, helping them utilize their strengths and make positive sustainable changes.

Megan Garcia, Licensed Master Social Worker
Brittany Devine
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Brittany has been serving individuals and families in New Mexico since earning her Master’s degree in 2017. Currently, Brittany is working with children, families and adolescents in Las Cruces as an outpatient therapist while also providing group therapy to adolescents utilizing the Seven Challenges Substance Abuse Program.

Brittany Devine, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Andrea Mata
Licensed Master Social Worker

Andre Mata is a Problem-Sexual-Behavior Multi-Systemic Therapy (PSB-MST) therapist serving Doña Ana county. Her primary focus is working with adolescents and their families to treat problematic sexual behavior.  As well as at risk adolescents and their families, helping them utilize their strengths and make positive sustainable changes.

Andrea Mata, Licensed Master Social Worker
Kelsi Meredith
Licensed Master Social Worker
Kelsi Meredith, Licensed Master Social Worker
Itzel Barrera
Licensed Master Social Worker
Itzel Barrera, Licensed Master Social Worker