Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS)

Sometimes clients face challenges that aren’t exactly clinical. They often need help acquiring certain life skills or accessing community resources. CCSS steps in to fill this gap. A Community Support Worker (CSW) supports individuals and families with the services and resources to help promote recovery, rehabilitation, and resiliency.

A CSW addresses goals in the following functional domains:

  • Independent Living
  • Learning
  • Working
  • Socializing
  • Recreation

Interacting face-to-face and on behalf of the client in community locations, a CSW worker utilizes a variety of interventions to addresses any barriers that impede the client’s development toward independent functioning in the community. CCSS services are provided to eligible recipients that meet New Mexico state criteria for Serious Emotional/Neurobiological/Behavioral Disorders (SED).

CCSS services are offered throughout New Mexico.