Thriving Kids® Parenting Program

Thriving Kids is a 16-week intensive parenting curriculum designed to improve overall family health and success. The program is trauma-informed, developmentally informed and based on the latest research and work in interpersonal neurobiology. Our mission is to deliver an intensive training program that increases empathy, enhances parenting skills, and contributes to the health, happiness and safety of every family member.

Families that can benefit:
• Families with an open case with Child Protective Services
• Families at risk of Child Protective Services involvement
• Court-referred families
• Families with a child in out-of-home placement
• Families working toward reunification

What the program includes:
• Individual Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Group Therapy (psycho-education and process therapy)
• Parenting & Life Skills Coaching
• Case Management (if appropriate)

Ongoing Individual & Family Therapy is available for participants of the Thriving Kids Parenting Program, if needed.