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  • Bernalillo County

    We have 2 locations in Albuquerque offering a wide range of programs & services.

  • Sandoval County

    Our Corrales location offers a wide range of programs & services.

  • Santa Fe County

    Our Santa Fe south-side offers a selection of our programs.

  • Valencia Country

    We have a location in Los Lunas that provides a wide range of programs & services.

  • Doña Ana County

    Our facility in Las Cruces offers a wide range of programs & services.


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  • MST Therapist Positions Open

    POSITIONS AVAILABLE Mulitsystemic Therapist (MST). Spanish speaking preferred. MST training will be provided. One position in Santa Fe, NM and two positions in Las Cruces, NM are currently open. EDUCATION…  MORE >

  • Managing Back-To-School Stress

    Does this sound like a typical day for your family? Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast (maybe), feed kids, search for backpacks, pack lunch, find shoes under the couch, run…  MORE >

Promoting Inspiration For Healing & Transformation

Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute was created to provide specialized services to individuals, families and professionals. Our Guidance Center has grown to include a multitude of programs ranging from traditional office-based therapy to home-based, community-based and school-based models. Our Institute was created to provide ongoing professional development, training and education for community leaders, stakeholders and therapists, while actively producing and participating in community-wide initiatives and events.

Both components of Southwest Family, the Guidance Center & the Institute, are successful as a result of our emphasis of hiring professionals who are not only educated and credentialed but also committed and passionate. We prioritize staff and clients with a high degree of respect and compassion. Our programs and modalities produce the high-quality results you’d expect from a sound foundation in industry best-practices and a positive professional culture.