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Thriving Kids Parenting Curriculum is an intensive parenting curriculum designed to improve over all family health and success. The program is presented by the Southwest Family Guidance Center and is trauma and developmentally informed. Much of the program is based on the latest research and work in Interpersonal Neurobiology. LEARN MORE


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Promoting Inspiration For Healing & Transformation

Southwest Family Guidance Center is a trauma-informed agency that is committed to providing personalized behavioral health services. Our expert and compassionate staff of qualified therapists are practicing in six New Mexico counties, offering a wide variety of services and programs for youth, adolescents, and entire families. Evidence-based practices and trauma-informed care are emphasized throughout our clinical services.

Our Institute was created to provide ongoing professional development, training and education for community leaders, stakeholders and therapists, while actively producing and participating in community-wide initiatives and events.

Both components of our agency are successful as a result of our emphasis on hiring professionals who are not only educated and credentialed but also committed and passionate. We prioritize staff and clients with a high degree of respect and compassion. Our programs and modalities produce the high-quality results you would expect from a sound foundation in industry best-practices and a positive, professional culture.