Problem Sexual Behavior

Multisystemic Therapy For Youth With Problem Sexual Behaviors (MST-PSB) is a clinical adaptation of MST that has been specifically designed to treat youth and their families coping with problem sexual behavior. The range of problem sexual behaviors covered by the PSB model is significant, with one important distinction. In order to qualify for our program, there must have been a victim of the abuse other than the clients themselves.

There is a particularly high level of social concern regarding the seriousness of sexually offending youth. MST-PSB model responds to this concern with an evidence-based model of treatment developed to address the broad array of risk factors not only with the youth individually, but also in the home, school and community. Most existing models in use today are adult models, repurposed for juvenile application. The MST-PSB model is a significant advance in the treatment of juvenile sexual offenders as it was specifically designed for youth in real-world settings, while also continuing to collect critical data to further inform the model.

Qualifications Include:
• Youth ages 12–17 (some exceptions considered for clients as young as 9)
• Youth covered by Medicaid. MST does not currently take private pay or commercial insurance
• Youth has an identified problem sexual behavior
• At least one adult member of the family willing to participate in treatment

What Can Be Expected:
• The same level of care identified for MST, plus the following
• Time limited treatment of 5–7 months
• Focus on the youth’s problem sexual behavior
• Comprehensive safety plans to mitigate and minimize risk in the home and community
• Clarification of the underlying drivers and causes behind the problem sexual behavior
• Reunification of family members (if appropriate)
• Emphasis on the youth’s peer relations
• Encouragement of age-appropriate and normative sexual experiences

How To Initiate Treatment:
Referral Forms

Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute
has been a licensed MST provider since 2007, and
a licensed MST-PSB provider since 2009.