School-Based Therapy

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School-Based Therapy
Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute is contracted with Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe Public Schools to provide therapy services to Medicaid-eligible students in the school setting. This arrangement helps overcome barriers that might prevent students from accessing services, such as a lack of transportation, and ensures they receive the services they need. Therapists are at the schools on a regular basis to see students, attend school Health & Wellness meetings, and consult with teachers and other school staff. Therapists also work with parents to engage them in treatment and keep them informed of the services their children receive.

Suicide & Crisis Assessments
SWFGC is contracted with Albuquerque Public Schools to provide same-day suicide risk assessments to all students in the district who have made comments indicating suicidal ideation. Upon completion of the assessment, SWFGC provides recommendations to the family for follow-up services and communicates these recommendations to the referring school employee. Additionally, APS employees often refer to SWFGC to assess students who make threats of hurting others; for these students, SWFGC completes a next-day “crisis assessment.” SWFGC responds to hundreds of suicide assessment referrals during the school year.